Angie @ Weirdly Wired

I was browsing Flickr again... surprise!  I found some beautiful stuff.... surprise!  The find of the moment, Weirdly Wired.

Definitely not the usual wrapped loop here, folks.

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Upcoming Swarovski cuts

That first flower cut is just gorgeous. I'd like a few right now please. *taps fingers* More information is available via the Swarovski website.

Today's activities

I setup a Friendfeed account to catch my posts on twitter and here on the blog:

Latest tweets:

1) Amy Peter's Studio is having a 20% off sale. Use code WOOHOO on checkout. She makes some very cute message pendants and charms in sterling.

2) Rings & Things is running a sale on their Swarovski bi-cones. They have also done a nice facelift on their site.


FormFire Glass Works

Wow. I see a lot of beautiful lampwork out there. However, FormFire has really caught my eye. Check out this pic from the homepage:

I'm afraid to click any further! The color and shapes are interesting and different. Something I'm always looking for as a jewelrymaker.

Here's a blog:



Today's tweet:

Today's Tweet - Scrabble Pendants

Found that Ryan @ littleputbooks has a tutorial for her super cute Scrabble tile pendants.

You can visit her littleput etsy store for the downloadable PDF. She also has a site with typepad: All Things Littleput.